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The "Are You REALLY Bear Friendly" Challenge!

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About the Contest.

"2019 Bear Friendly Neighbours" Awards.


Its the return of the annual  “Are You REALLY Bear Friendly?” Challenge for 2019

We at West Coast Wildlife work hard to make sure that our friends in the wild don't come into conflict with our bad habits here in our towns. Without cooperation from everyone involved however our efforts are often fruitless.

Many people talk the talk but here at WCW we want YOU to walk the walk.

Prove to Our Audit team that your business or Home is free from attractants and that it is run in a Wildlife Friendly manner & You stand to win the admiration of your peers and children, you will get a Bear Friendly sticker for your front window of your home or business, you will get media mentions and redirects to your website to increase sales and a discount on Our Bear Friendly Bins which support our education projects and an award at our ceremonies.

In the end it is Our friends in the Wild that benefit the most, so go to and apply for the Bear Friendly Home & Business Challenge. We will be in contact quickly to arrange everything from there.