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Offering in-depth training for your team! conservation education climate change adaptation. Industry certification available, 

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About Us

West Coast Wildlife Mission Statement

To provide a strong base of wildlife education to the students of Our region. To create income sufficient to continue our cause. To provide innovative ways to mitigate conflict with wildlife and nature. conservation climate change

Highly Qualified Educators

West Coast Wildlife was founded many years ago by folks that had good experience in the bush and had specific training to deal with wildlife conflicts from the MOE. GSAR training was part of the founders life and so we continue to support those adventurous soles that put themselves in harms way with our innovative QUIKSAR products. Get Found Fast is our moto, staying safe and getting found is your job. We can help. conservation education climate change

Wide Variety of Courses

Our Curriculums can suit both K and up in the elementary system as well as integrate into the high school system with volunteer hours available. Email Us for more info on Our courses and volunteering. We provide annual certificate field training to industries with workers in the bush to provide material required to be WCB compliant as well asp Providing Wildlife conflict resolutions where needed. conservation education climate change

Our brand new bins are ready to save Bears lives!

New 79 Ltr Bear Friendly Bins.

C$ 149.00

(C$ 20.00 shipping)

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These unique and exceptional tools for being friendly to wildlife have been available on the coast for over 10 years

Proven time and again to protect wildlife from food rewards which saves Bears lives. 

"These bins are a labour of love. We have gone the extra mile by ensuring that a clever neoprene seal on the inside of the lid is used to keep odours inside the bin virtually eliminating the attractant." 

Where as the neoprene seal keeps odours in, Our use of a sturdy replaceable screw top lid keeps bears and other wildlife out. 

Tested and certified by the California Grizzly Bear Foundation as suitable for reducing wildlife conflicts West Coast Wildlife endorses these bins for removing odours from the following uses.


fruit storage

seed storage

fertilizer storage


Hazardous Chemicals


Used Bear Friendly Storage/Garbage Bins

C$ 95.00
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These Bear Friendly Bins have already saved Bears and they are ready to save more! 

They may been around the block a couple of times but they have been checked out and released for more bear saving. 

Save yourself a few dollars and buy used. Start saving Bears today. Only when Available. Email for inventory.

Donate To Support Our Local Bears & Wildlife Education in Our Schools

Our passionate volunteers of West Coast Wildlife work for Bears

There is little to no funding for this job so We rely on the generous contributions from the Shaffer family as well as supporters near and far. 

100% of Your donations go towards supplies, school grants, education and research. 

You can help give Bears better representation in our society as sentient beings with rights to the chances of a good life. 

Please be generous. Thank you.

The West Coast Wildlife Team

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Fund Raiser 5" Bear Friendly Bin Decals. Support Education

C$ 4.99

(C$ 1.00 shipping)

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Stickers to decorate your Bear Friendly Bins. 

These are high quality stickers that will last well and even better the Proceeds go towards our education program. 

Tell us your preference and we'll mail it anywhere in the world free of charge. Makes a great gift!